The Adventures of Dr. Doolittle

July 15, 16, 17, 18, 2004

Doors open at 7:30pm and the show starts at 8:00pm.

Location: Breese Northside Park, 1000 North Main Street, Breese, IL 62230

“Who would have believed that animals have their own side of things?”

Show Synopsis

“Who would have believed that animals have their own side of things?” One very special doctor with a deep understanding and love of animals finds he is able to speak with them. This one moment of comprehension is a light that carries John Dolittle, M.D., from one adventure to the next. Doctor Dolittle, Polynesia the parrot, Gug-Gub the pig, Jip the dog, Dab-Dab the duck and Chee-Chee the monkey travel to Africa to save the monkeys from a terrible plague. Once there they are captured and escape from the Jolliginki who want to serve them for dinner, elude misguided pirates who want to ransom them, and discover wild and wonderful never-before-seen animals. Even the famous African cannibal food critic, Mimi Eataton, makes an appearance. Doctor Dolittle comes to see that his love of learning coupled with his love of animals affords him a unique opportunity to speak on behalf of all animals. With the cooperation of all the animals of Africa, the doctor creates a solution that in the end protects the animals while providing new and better employment for the pirates and Jolliginki. Perseverance, patience and creativity win over ignorance every time.



Character Actor Town
Dr. Dolittle Alex Henrichs Breese
Polynesia Brooke Welge Highland
Mr. Blossom Matt Dougherty Breese
Mrs. Mumford Annie Kreher Breese
Mrs. Whitley Katelyn Benhoff Breese
Ships Captain Cale Loddeke Breese
1st Jolliginki Guard Craig Stoecklin Highland
2nd Jolliginki Guard Matt Dougherty Breese
King of Jolliginki Cale Loddeke Breese
Queen of Jolliginki Taylor Ricklefs Highland
Pirate Captain Pirate Adam Niedzwiecki Highland
Spank the Wonder Pirate Walker Mondt Breese
Jip the Dog Jonah Toennies St. Rose
Albert the Crocodile Collin Toennies St. Rose
Too Too the Owl Brianna Wahl Breese
Chee Chee the Monkey Anne Marie Connelley Highland
Gub Gub the Pig Erica Strubhart Breese
Dab Dab the Duck Sarah Kennedy Breese
Pongo the Horse Hailey Lowery Breese
Pushmi Sarah Kuhl Breese
Pullyu Jamie Litteken Breese
Chu Chu the Monkey Kayla Toennies Bartelso
Annie the Crocodile Courtney Hemker Bartelso
Lion Blake Welge Highland
Lioness Amanda Niedzwiecki Highland
Friend Carni Kennett Trenton
Woman # 2 Lauren Shumaner St. Rose


Crew Job Crew Member
Director Lori Wahl
Vocal and choreography Director Leah Klostermann
Stage Manager Melisa Hemann
Head Costume Designer Pam Kreher
Costumers Diane Connelley, Melisa Hemann, Donna Basler, and moms
Head Set Designer/Builder Greg Kuper
Set builders Pat Kreher, Roger Rolves
Lights/Sound Designer Braden Henze


Director: Lori Wahl

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