March 26 - 28 & April 2- 4 2004

Doors open at 7:30pm and the show starts at 8:00pm.

Location: Avon Theater, 525 North 2nd Street, Breese, IL 62230

“Four Girls, one name, two stories”

by Billy St. John

Four girls. One name. Two stories.

That’s the premise of the final play of the Clinton County Showcase season, “Rubies.”

“Rubies” is, in fact, two separate one-act plays.

The first play, “Little Gems”, takes place in a high school gymnasium in 1960, where four girls (all named Ruby) are decorating for their senior prom. Ruby Lee, lifelong victim of Ruby Joan’s barbs and taunts, breaks down and nearly runs away with a lecherous reporter until Ruby Joan’s boyfriend Hal-bert steps in and brings her to her senses.

The second play, “Heirlooms”, is set in 1990, where the four Rubies are once again decorating the gym – this time for their thirty year reunion. Ruby Lee is successful in her career and marriage – to Halbert! – while Ruby Joan, frustrated and despairing, resorts to cosmetic surgery to save her third marriage. The two women resolve their conflicts and work out a plan to get Ruby Joan’s life in order.

Auditions for ”Rubies” will be held at the theater on Saturday, Feb. 21st at 1:00 p.m.

Performance dates are March 26th-28th and April 2nd-4th.

For more information, contact director Janet Moreiko-Gagen at (618) 257-8003.


Excerpt from the January issue of Show Time ( the newsletter of Clinton County Showcase)

Cast Members


Role “Little Gems”Act I “Heirlooms”Act II
Ruby Jean Rebecca Kearney Jennifer Klostermann
Ruby Joan  Danielle Kruep Lisa Strubhart
Ruby Lynn Jennifer Elias Theresa Hammel
Ruby Lee  Alana Fanous Alana Fanous
Halbert Waters Adam Broeckling
Benny Arrington Hank Crider
Hal Waters Adam Broeckling
Jefferson Trotter Jerry Sonnenberg


Crew Members


Role Name
Director Janet Moreiko-Gagen
Asst. Directors Paul Klostermann, Jennifer Klostermann
Stage Manger Craig Stoeklin
Producer Mike Huelsmann
Production Support Deb Stratmann
Set Design Janet Moreiko-Gagen
Lighting Design and Operation Mike Huelsmann
Sound Design and Operation Mike Huelsmann
Costumes Cast / Jo Kearney
Props Cast
Set Construction / Decoration Tom Gagen, Mike Huelsmann, Glenn Netemeyer, Janet Moreiko-Gagen, Paul Klostermann, Adam Broeckling, Jennifer Klostermann, Lisa Strubhart, Theresa Hammel, Jan Albers
Special Thanks Breese Jaycees / Dan Schumacher
Box Office Steve Klostermann
Concessions/Ushers Deb Strattmann / Lori Wahl

Director: Janet Moreiko-Gagen

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