Pools Paradise

October 15, 16, 17 & 22, 23, 24, 2004

Doors open at 7:30pm and the show starts at 8:00pm.

Location: Avon Theater, 525 North 2nd Street, Breese, IL 62230

“Uproarious in the best tradition of farce.”

Show Synopsis

Pools Paradise is a 1961 British farce in three acts.  All three acts take place in the Hall at the Vicarage, Merton-cum-Middlewick.  It is the same setting and characters as the play “See How They Run”, but it is not a sequel.

The plot centers around The Reverend Lionel Toop, who preaches against the sins and evils of gambling.  Meanwhile certain members of his parish – his wife, his maid, the maid’s boyfriend, and the substitute pastor – regularly purchase tickets on the national football (soccer) pool.  The problem arises when there may be a winning ticket in the house.

The cast of seven (7) is small – four (4) men and three (3) women – but the comedy is large.  All seven roles are extremely interesting characters.

Mrs. Penelope Toop

The Reverend Lionel Toop


Miss Skillon

Willie Briggs

The Reverend Arthur Humphrey

The Bishop of Lax

Good clean fun with a “G” to “PG” rating.



Characters Cast Member Home
Mrs. Penelope Toop  The WifeThe leading lady is Mrs. Penelope Toop. Penelope has a slightly tainted past.  She was previously a member of a theater troop, where she was a dancer and chorus member.  She is now married to The Reverend Lionel Toop.  Lynne Huelsmann Breese, IL.
The Reverend Lionel Toop  The ReverendThe leading man is The Reverend Lionel Toop.  Lionel is the straight man in this cast of unique comical characters.  He is an Anglican Priest, with all the problems of running a small parish on limited funds. 


Mike Huelsmann Breese, IL.
Ida  The MaidIda is the young maid of the Toop household.  She is an eighteen year old whimsical village girl, with the wisdom of the ages.  Carrie McNeal Mascoutah, IL.
Willie Briggs  Ida’s BoyfriendWillie Briggs is a young, well mannered, hard working, country lad, with a devotion to Ida.  He also volunteers at the church and sings in the choir. 


Chris Chamblin O’Fallon, IL.
Miss Skillon  The Church LadyMiss Skillon is the stereotypical “church lady”.  She is a middle-aged, overly-nosey, spinster busybody.  She finds her cause in helping the good Reverend Toop.  Kathleen Dwyer O’Fallon , IL.
Arthur Humphrey  Substitute ReverendReverend Arthur Humphrey is a substitute pastor, called in to help for one Sunday, while Reverend Toop is recovering from an injury sustained at a university rally  Pat Kreher Beckemeyer, IL.
The Bishop of Lax  Penelope’s UncleThe Bishop of Lax is coming for dinner.  He is also Penelope’s uncle, with a quirk or two of his own. 


Charlie Huelsmann Germantown, IL.
Choir Caitlin Wade, Aiyanna Wade, Chris Streetman,  Annie Kreher, and William Wade Choir




Director Bruce Bowman
Assistant Director Greg Streetman
Stage Manager Joan Bowman
Set Design Carrie McNeal
Set Construction Lead Pat Kreher
Set Crew Amanda Bowman, Amber Bowman, Joan Bowman, Roger Rolves, Mike Huelsmann, Carrie McNeal, Greg Streetman, Bruce Bowman
Set Support Deb Stratmann
Light and Sound Operation Michelle Streetman
Light Design / Setup Greg Streetman
Light Crew Paul Klostermann, Braden Henze
Sound Crew Mike Huelsmann, Bryan Bowman
Properties Joan Bowman
Costumes Lynne Huelsmann
Box Office Jennifer Klostermann
Ushers/Concession Deb Stratmann

Special Thanks…

Phyllis Berndsen, Roger Rolves, St. Boniface Church – Germantown, Clinton County Rehabilitation Center

Presented through special arrangements with Samuel French Inc.

Director: Bruce Bowman

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