Meshuggah – Nuns!

February 13-15 & February 20-22, 2004

Doors open at 7:30pm and the show starts at 8:00pm.

Location: Avon Theater, 525 North 2nd Street, Breese, IL 62230

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Dan Goggins

Fans of the “Nunsense” musicals take heed. The crazy nuns are back at it again… this time on a cruise. Director Glenn Netemeyer has assembled a talented cast of veteran performers for this voyage. The show sets sail Feb. 13th, 14th, 15th, 20th, 21st, & 22nd. All show times are 8:00 p.m. Due to the popularity of the “Nun-sense” shows, Clinton County Showcase recommends reserving your tickets in advance. Tickets are available by calling the theater box office (526-2866) beginning Jan.31st. In this fifth installment of Dan Goggins’ “Nun-sense” series, the nuns receive an all-expense paid trip on the “Faiths of All Nations” Cruise. The ship encounters a week-long storm, and many of the passengers become sick… including most the ship’s entertainers who are preparing the ship’s production of “Fiddler on the Roof.” Only the actor playing Tevye is spared from illness, so he asks the “Nunsense” crew to help put on the show.

Mike Huelsmann will play the role of Howard Liszt, the ship’s Tevye. The nuns include Stephanie Rhein as the Mother Superior, Robbin Netemeyer as Sister Hubert, Julia Daniels as Sister Robert Anne, and Sarah James as Sister Amnesia. Chris Wilson will be the ship’s purser.


Lynne Huelsmann is in charge of putting together the show’s hilarious musical numbers, and Erin Gagen has the task of choreographing nuns dancing to the non-traditional Jewish-style music.

The production crew is still looking for a fiddle player for the pit orchestra; if interested, contact Lynne at 526-0558.

Excerpt from the January issue of Show Time ( the newsletter of Clinton County Showcase)

Cast Members


Role Name
Reverend Mother Stephanie Rhein
Srs.  Hubert Robbin Netemeyer
Robert Anne Julia Daniels
Mary Paul (Amnesia) Sarah James
Howard Liszt Mike Huelsmann
Ship's Purser Chris Wilson
The Crew Melisa Kaegel, Bobby Clifton, JeffMoeller
Sister Mary Annette Sister Mary Annette

Crew Members


Role Name
Director Glenn Netemeyer
Music & Asst. Director Lynne Huelsmann
Dance & Asst. Director Erin Gagen
Costume & Asst. Director Jason Johnson
Set Designer Marsha Holland
Set Decorations Marsha Holand, Donna Basler, Bobby Clifton
Stage Manager Melissa Kaegel
Lights Jenifer Elias & Jill Hodapp
Lights Design Charle Huelsmann, Greg Kuper, Jenifer Elias
Sound Technician Adam Broeckling
Technical Support Paul Klostermann, Danielle Kruep
Duty Free Cart Paul Klostermann, Jill Hodap
Construction Crew Jeff Moeller, Deb Stratmann, Mike Huelsmann, Mark Lampkin, Jenifer Elias, Marsha Holland, Melissa Kaegel, Bobby Clifton. Pat Kreher, Lynne Huelsmann
Orchestra Ann Cotton (Piano), Steve Marr (Clarinet, Sax), Joni Kloeckner (Synthesizer), Pat Kreher (Drums)
Box Office Jen Klostermann
Ushers/Concession Lori Wahl, Deb Stratmann
Coordinator Bonnie Netemeyer 




Special Thanks to…

Mater Dei High School, Steve Netemeyer, Looking Glass Playhouse, Braden Hense, Al’s Pro Shop & Victorian House Specialties/Julie Becker, Central High School, HP Products, Strat-O-Span Bldgs., Helliges Super Market & Lockers Inc., Gifts from the Heart, Barb Jansen, Malinda Huels Upholstery, Rich Strubhbart

Director: Glenn Netemeyer

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