Mama’s Boy

October 11 -13 & 18-20

Doors open at 7:30pm and the show starts at 8:00pm.

Location: Avon Theater, 525 North 2nd Street, Breese, IL 62230

The riveting story of Lee Harvey Oswald and his complex relationship with his overbearing mother Marguerite, “Mama’s Boy” follows Marguerite’s reckless attempts to reunite her family, from Lee’s return to the U.S. from Russia, through the assassination of Kennedy, to her son’s own murder and her defense of his innocence in the months that follow. A fascinating examination of family dynamics and obsessive maternal devotion played out in the shadow of history. The Kennedy assassination serves as a framework for “Mama’s Boy,” but the play isn’t overtly political, or intended to change public opinion …


Auditions are August 3 2019 at the Avon Theater

MARGUERITE OSWALD – Mid-fifties, but looks older. She’s as gracious and loving as a grandmother, but also imperious, meddling and defensive. She demands attention, and must be “in charge.” She’s lonely, and craves family, but her behavior makes that difficult. She speaks with a New Orleans lilt. She wears cat eye glasses. MARINA OSWALD – Early twenties. A stranger in a strange land, her personality and confidence emerge gradually. She’s learned to rely on others to get what she wants, and craves material things. She can be fiery and opinionated, and her relationship with Lee is passionate and volatile. She speaks with a heavy Russian accent, which gradually softens. ROBERT OSWALD – Mid twenties. A Southern gentleman. He’s reticent, a hard worker, conservative and fair-minded. Long ago, he grew weary of his mother’s antics, and when the play begins, he can barely tolerate her, although as a Southern gentleman, he treats her kindly – as often as possible. Although he’s grown apart from Lee, he still has tender, kid brother feelings for him, and is protective of Marina. He speaks with a slight southern drawl. LEE HARVEY OSWALD – Early twenties. Not traditionally handsome like Robert. Lee is close to his mother, and shares many traits with her. He remains polite, even when she tests his patience. Lee is fond of his brother, but questions his values. He adores Marina, and wants to control the relationship, but Marina isn’t easily controlled. Lee is capable of rage, tenderness and vulnerability. He’s intelligent and secretive. He speaks with a slight southern accent. Four optional parts to be cast, recorded, or said off stage for an interviewer and three reporters. REVIEWS: “Mama’s Boy achieves its goal— to be both a provocative study in familial disharmony and a startling consideration of domestic events behind a national tragedy.” – Curtain Up “There’s nothing like a mother’s love, and this startling and brilliant telling from her point of view is full of love, even as it chills the blood.” – QnStag

Director: Lori Kuper (Contact: 618/792-5789)

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