Inspecting Carol

December 3, 4, 5 & 10, 11, 12, 2004

Doors open at 7:30pm and the show starts at 8:00pm.

Location: Avon Theater, 525 North 2nd Street, Breese, IL 62230

“A razzle-dazzle of funny characters and ingenious jokes.”

Show Synopsis

Mix together a struggling theater company, a tired production of ”A Christmas Carol”, a really bad actor and a visiting inspector from the National Endowment for the Arts and you end up with Inspecting Carol, the off-the-wall holiday farce. Everything that could possibly go wrong does as a fictitious theater company struggles to mount their annual production of the holiday classic. Bad theater has never been this much fun before!



Characters Actor
MJ McMann Stage Manager; a realist Amber Huelskamp
Wayne Wellacre Untrained actor in search of new career Pat Kreher
Zorah Bloch Company Director; self-concerned with moments of eccentricity Lisa Strubhart
Luther Beatty A  “large eleven year old”; plays part of Tiny Tim Michael Klein
Dorothy Tree-Hapgood British; should be older; plays Mrs. Cratchit and Mrs. Fezziwig Lori Wahl
Sidney Carlton Plays parts of Fezziwig and Jacob Marley John Roane
Phil Hewlit Believes himself to be romantically involved with Zorah; plays part of Bob Cratchit Mike Klostermann
Maria Joins Company in effort for ethnic diversity; plays the ghosts Theresa Hammel
Karen Emery Company’ s Managing Director; anxious and afraid of Zorah Jenny Gilespie
Bart Frances pleasant youth; plays Peter Cratchit Matt Dougherty
Larry Vauxhall Child of the 60′s; highly eccentric; plays part of Ebeneezer Scrooge Frank Colston
Betty Andrews Inspector for the National Endowment of the Arts Cindy Kues
Spike Calel Roosevelt



Crew Job Crew Member
Director Paul Klostermann
Asst. Director Cale Loddeke
Producer Steve Klostermann
Stage Manager Craig Stoecklin
Light Design Adam Broeckling
Sound Design Braden Henze
Set Design Paul Klostermann,Steve Klostermann, Mike Klostermann
Set construction Cale Loddeke, Lori Wahl,Pat Kreher, Michael Klein,Jenny Gillespie, Roger Rolves, B.O. McFarland
Special Set Design Roger Rolves & Josh Huelsmann
Paint Design Leah Klostermann, Jennifer Klostermann
Painters Pam Kreher, Pat Kreher,Michael Klein, Anna Klostermann
Light and Sound Crew Adam Broeckling, Josh Huelsmann,Jon Lengermann, Braden Henze
Costumes The Cast
Box Office Jennifer Klostermann
Concessions Deb Stratmann, Steve Klostermann

By Daniel Sullivan and The Seattle Repertory Theatre. Presented through special arrangements with Samuel French Inc.

Director: Paul Klostermann

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