Bathroom Humor

February 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18 2007

Doors open at 7:30pm and the show starts at 8:00pm.

Location: Avon Theater, 525 North 2nd Street, Breese, IL 62230

A farce by Billy Van Zandt and Jane Milmore. Presented through special arrangements with Samuel French Inc.

“Bathroom Humor has adult situations and comedy – Not recommended for pre-teens”


Bathroom Humor is a farce by Billy Van Zandt and Jane Milmore.  This hilarious farce comes from the same pair of writers who brought you Lie, Cheat and Genuflect; What the Bellhop Saw; and (recently performed at the CCS) Love, Sex and the IRS.

Russ and Lucille regularly throw parties at their large suburban home and invite the whole office.  Everyone feels obligated to go, but most would rather not be there.  So…

Where can you go to escape the drunks, the stupid party games, the charades, and  worst of all the “latest vacation” slides?  The Bathroom

Where can you go to share the new gossip about office co-workers, their spouses, and their family members?  The Bathroom

Where can you go to rendezvous with your secret office lover for a little hanky panky, without the rest of the office learning about your affair?   The Bathroom

Where can you go when want to hide your substance abuse problem, whether drinking too much or sampling the pills in the medicine cabinet?  The Bathroom

Where can you hide out and make adjustments when the new outfit you are wearing has a costume malfunction?  The Bathroom

Where can you find peace and quiet, when you have become the object of nasty office gossip, jokes, or ridicule?  The Bathroom

AND… Where can you NOT go if you have the need to “use the facilities” during an office party?  The Bathroom

This ingeniously contrived play will have you feeling had you gone to this party you might have spent most of your time hiding out in…   The Bathroom

It is true!  The entire play takes place in The Bathroom.

You will meet the eight most interesting folks at Russ and Lucille’s party, but not Russ or Lucille.  Throughout the evening these folks make their way in and out of The Bathroom.

They gossip, snoop, tell secrets, meet lovers, argue, seduce, and indulge in all forms of self-destructive behavior.  In other words, you may witness anything and everything in The Bathroom.



Character Description Actor
Arthur Arthur the office boss.  He is a fairly conservative, workaholic.  He is married to Laura. Glenn Saltamachia – Belleville
Laura Laura is bored with her marriage to the ever stable Arthur and has begun an affair with Sandy, one of Arthur’s subordinates.  She has a party problem – sheshouldn’t drink. Becky Hartfield – Belleville
Sandy Sandy is a talented and underpaid employee.  Because of his clandestine affair with Laura and his lack of interest in the other office ladies, the rest of the office has concluded he might be gay.  He wears nice clothes and drives a nice car – all purchased by Laura. Jeff Breckel – Mascoutah
Babette Babette has only been working at the office for a few weeks and probably didn’t get hired for her typing ability.  She hopes to realize her fantasy involving a corner office, a large oak desk, a hard hat, and a man of influence.  Arthur is her impending conquest – at least for tonight. Alissa Boerngen – Carlyle
Stuart Stu has a substance abuse problem.  He loves to find creative ways to mix prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs, and large quantities of alcohol. Of course, he may be the only one who truly enjoys these office parties. Steve Klostermann – Breese
Peg Peg is a little heavier than Laura and Babette.  Her new outfit for the party is possibly a little too tight.  In this small mix of characters, she is the“odd”-woman-out. Jen Gillespie – Highland
The Big El The Big El is the hired entertainment for the evening.  He is an Elvis impersonator, and he isn’t very good.  But he has a good heart. Cale Loddeke – Breese
The Old Man The Old Man is Peg’s father and date for the evening.  He is the only person trying to get into the bathroom for its intended purpose.  Unfortunately, someone always preempts his visit. David Volz – Nashville
Off-Stage Voices Loud and harassing party guests Leah Klostermann – BreeseJoe Gebke



Producer Lori Wahl
Director Bruce “Brubo” Bowman
Assistant Director Charlie Huelsmann
Stage Manager Leah Klostermann
Sets Design Pat Kreher
Costumes Diane Connelly
Properties Joan Bowman
Lighting Design Rachel Luebbers
Sound Design Mike Huelsmann, Braden Henze
Lights and Sound Operators Michelle Streetman, Greg Streetman 





Director: Bruce Bowman

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