Annie Jr.

July 10-13, 2003
(Rain date: 7/14/03 8:00 pm)

Doors open at 7:30pm and the show starts at 8:00pm.

Location: Breese Northside Park, 1000 North Main Street, Breese, IL 62230

Music by Charles Strouse  – Lyrics Martin Charnin

Presented on Broadway by Mike Nichols

Originally produced by Stephen R. Friedman; Irwin Meyer; Lewis Allen; Alvin Nederlander associates, Inc. Icarus Productions;

The John F. Kennedy center for the Performing Arts

The Broadway Junior Version of Annie is presented through special arrangements with and all authorized performance materials are supplied by

Music Theatre International, 421 west 54th St. New York 10019

Production Staff


Role Name
Director Lori Wahl
Ass’t Dir./Vocals/ Choregraphy Leah Klostermann
Stage Manager/ Props Melisa Hemann
Stage Crew Greg Kuper, John Doughtery, Jerry Wahl, Diane Connelly, Mary Becker
Production Support Deb Stratmann
Make-up Lisa Strubhart, parents and cast
Costumes Lynne Huelsmann, Diane Connelly, parents and cast
Set Design Mike Huelsmann, Lynne Huelsmann, Lori Wahl, Leah Klostermann
Set Construction Mike Huelsmann, Greg, Kuper, Jerry Wahl, Pat Kreher, Joseph Gebke, Wayne Henze, Braden Henze, Glenn Netemeyer, Steve Klostermann, Bob Zinn, Ken Jansen, Kevin Alberternst, Deb Stratmann, Lori Wahl, Leah Klostermann
Set Artist Donna Hesse
Set Painters Donna Hesse, Lori Wahl, Leah Klostermann, PAt Henrichs, Beth Henrichs, Kaylinn Kennedy, Sarah Kennedy, Alan Stoeklin, BrendaNiedzwiecki, Dianne Connelly, Patrick Connelly, Mason Kuper, Madelyn Kuper, Kathy Jansen, Carlyn Alberternst
Lights / Sound Braden Henze, Wayne Henze, Craig Stoecklin
Box Office / Tickets Jennifer Klostermann, Betty Henze
Concessions Deb Stratmann

Cast Members


Character Actor
The Orphans
Molly Elizabeth Klostermann
Pepper Brianna Wahl
Duffy Sara Kuhl
Kate Shannan Netemeyer
Tessie Kayla Alberternst
July Annie Kreher
Annie Sarah Kennedy
Miss Hannigan Taylor Ricklefs
Bundles McCloskey Adam Niedzwiecki
Dog Catcher Jacob Kuhl
Apple Seller Batiesha Boeker
Sandy Mason Kuper
Lt. Ward Brayden Becker
Grace Farrel Alison Wiegmann
Drake Matt Dougherty
Cecille Jamie Litteken
Annette Michelle Rakers
Mrs. Greer Amanda Niedzwiecki
Mrs. Pugh Kristin Kuhl
Oliver Warbucks Stewart Tull
Star-To-Be Courtney Hemker
Old Woman on the Street Lauren Schumacher
Usherette Crystal Albers
Radio Announcer Maria Hemann
Rooster Hannigan Craig Benhoff
Lily St. Regis Katelyn Benhoff
Sound Effects Girl Anne Marie Connelly
Bert Healy Joseph Gebke
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt Cale Loddeke
Louis Howe Alex Henrichs
Policeman Dennis Litteken

Orphan Chorus (alphabeticlly)

Chloe Beckemeyer, Justine Berndsen, Samantha Ciborowski, Julie Deiters, Jessica Detmer, Maria Holtmann, Abby Holtgrave Corinne Holtmann, Evonne Huelsmann, Kendra Jansen, Morgan Keck, Hailey Lowery, PaigeMaue, Shannon Mensing, Anna Netmeyer, Claudia Owens, Sydne Rensing, Tiffany Schuck, Teresa Schomaker,Tricia Stocklin, Erica Strubhart, Grace Timmermann, Kristen Wiegmann, Molly Winkeler, Mariah Zinn

Servant Chorus (alphabeticlly)

Crystal Albers, Cassie Becker, Baiesha Boeker, Anne Marie Connelly, Joeph Gebke, Elise  Gordon, Elizabeth Hellamnn, Molly Helmann, Courtney Hemker, Alex Henrichs, Beth Henrichs, Reid Holtmann, Jacob Kuhl, Cale Loddeke, Kelsey Loddeks, Bridgete Mansberry, Megan Newkirk, Adam Niedzwiecki, Abby Richter, Lauren Schumacher, Kaitlyn Seelhoefer, Kayla, Toennies, Toni Valencia, Ali Vandeloo, Eric Vandeloo


Special Thanks

Deb Stratmann, Donna Hesse, Breese Public Library, State Farm Insurance, Mater Dei, Andy Cassibry, Dr. Neil Schaeffer, Nathaniel Ribbing, Comprehensive Care Pharmacy, Clean, The Uniform Company, Cut’n’Up, Cutting Connection, The cast of Cinderella,Poettker Construction, Breese Jaycees, Becker Brick, Sudholt Sheet Metal, Logos & More, Clinton COunty Probation Office, Breese City & Parks Department, Celebrations, Beyond the Garden Gate,  Richter Construction, Vicky Albers, Dianne Connelley, Braden, Wayne & Betty Henze, Jim Kuhl, Cookie Kuhl, Alan Stoecklin, Jan Albers, Diane Connelly, AngieSchuck, Melissa Hemann, Strat-O-Span Buildings & the parents of the actors.

Notes from the Assistant Director

Although auditions for “Annie Jr. ” were on May 10th this year, I think the show actually started at the cast party for “School House Rock Live Jr.” last July. Somehow the rumor got out that Lori was considering “Annie Jr.” for the next musical project, and I knew her idea would become a reality as I stood and under a pavilion surrounded by 30 girls belting “Tomorrow!” at the top of their lungs.

This show would not have been possible without the imagination and hard work of many people; first of all, our brave and fearless leader, Lori Wahl. She is always the first one at the park and the last one to leave, Her dedication to this show has been endless; sleepless nights thinking about blocking , long days with the show tunes stuck in her head, and hot afternoons painting sets. Thank You, Lori for your endless dedication to these kids and this show.

Also, we owe a great big “thank you” to the parents. When your children auditioned for “Annie Jr.” , they accepted the responsibility of dedication much of their summer to the show. This also meant that you. the parents , would spend much of your free time driving to and from practice , humming the songs over and over , and washing their costumes, Thank you for all of this. Many parents, however, went above and beyond the usual duties. After the storm destroyed much of the our set, many parents pulled together to rebuild and paint our outstanding set. We could not have done this without you. Thanks so much !

Finally, to the cast; thank you for your hard work and dedication . I use the words of my favorite director… Ever since last year’s cast party- and I think Lori would agree – this show has been in the back of our minds. It was our baby. We have seen it come together- growing and developing into the show it is now. And now is the time we give it to you – the cast. Our job is done; it is now your baby. Make it what you will- and I know it will be fabulous! I want to congratulate each one of you and wish you “break a leg” I hope you’ve had fun and I look forward to working with all of you again in the future.



Notes from the Director

As I write this note, I find it difficult to put my feelings on paper. This show has been an unique challenge for me. To start, we had so many wonderful and talented children at the auditions , we could have  cast the show twice. Leah and I feel very proud of all of our actors and accomplishments they have achieved. We started our rehearsal with over 80 and have ended with 71 actors. WOW! Every child is unique, a challenge, fun to watch smile, great to hug, and truly a friend.

This show could not have been a success with our all the backstage help. That includes parents and kids pulling props and furniture out of the basement, quick costume changes, painting the set while we rehearse, sssshhhhhhiinng back stage, bringing props to complete a scene from home, and the list goes on. Thanks you to all the great parents who have spent just as much time pulling this together as the actors and directors have. Thank you for your wonderful children for the summer.

For Leah, You are a God send. The cast would not look or sound like they do with our your experience. Thank you for being my friend and director  “buddy”. To Melisa, thanks for taking care of the stage for me.

To Jerry and Brianna, I love you both very much. Thanks you for sharing me with 70 other kids this summer. Without your support at home , I could not fulfill my need for the spotlight, as you call it.



Director: Lori Wahl

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