Board Members

We, the Officers and Board of directors, salute the casts, crews, and all our wonderful volunteers. Without all your hard work, efforts, and dedication we would not be able to accomplish our goals, nor would we be able to continue to bring the arts for everyone’s enjoyment to Clinton County.

  • Executive Director – Laurie Klostermann
  • Assistant Executive Director – Ken Voegeli
  • Secretary – Lori Kuper
  • Treasurer – Angie Voss
  • Maintenance Director – Rob Persing
  • Public Relations Director – Chad Rakers
  • House Management Director – Lisa Bowman
  • Ticketing & Membership Director – Greg Streetman
  • Technical Director – Adam Toennies
  • Artistic Director – Charlie Hueslmann
  • Production Management Director – Perri Wesselmann

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